3 december 2021 - 5 december 2021

Cursus - Music & Care: The Music Imagery method

Cursus op 3, 4 en 5 december en 12 februari 2022.

Psychosocial demands of the Covid -19 era and the wider need for social / emotional empowerment and mental resilience created the necessity for a new, short and flexible training programme specialising in short-term methods of receptive music therapy (Music Imagery) at a supportive, resource-oriented level. The SONORA Organisation has therefore developed a skill-sharing course directed to humanities professionals who wish to include music in their practices as a complementary or primary tool.

The program is suitable for all professionals from the fields of Health Sciences, Psychology, as well as other Humanities, Pedagogy or Social Sciences (psychologists, psychotherapists, arts therapists, doctors of various specialties, nurses, health visitors, social workers, teachers / special education teachers, music educators, life coaches, etc.)

Training description and goals

The training course “Music & Care – the Music Imagery method” (level 1) is available for the first time in 2021 and offers specialisation in the short-term, supportive, and resource-oriented use of music as a means of self-care by strengthening mental resilience, enhancing life skills and well-being. It focuses on music-assisted relaxation and specialised receptive music therapy exercises within the Music and Imagery (MI) spectrum, with guided/unguided mental imagery with specific goals. 

The Music Imagery (MI) method belongs to the range of techniques of the psychotherapeutic music therapy method of Guided Imagery & Music (Bonny method of GIM) but is more versatile and simpler to use. It can be implemented in the short term, with greater flexibility, in many contexts, at all ages, and from a wide range of professionals in the humanities.
The MI resource-oriented/supportive method is applicable in cases of crisis, stress, mental trauma management (selectively), and creative development. It also works as a clinical supervision technique and as a way of self-care for the professionals themselves. Participants are trained to manage an MI session in a highly professional way so that the process is very safe even for vulnerable populations.c


Overall cost

Training seminar (4 days) and 3 group supervisions package: 630€ total

10% discount  (560€) for the training seminar & group supervisions package will be offered to people from low-income countries, and for group registrations of minimum 3 people (not valid for the individual sessions/supervisions).

2 individual supervisions: 70€ each (55€ for low-income countries/to be paid directly to the supervisor)

3 individual personal MI sessions with an MI/GIM therapist: 40€ each (30€ for low-income countries-to be paid directly to the therapist) 


The training will be offered in English. Individual supervisions and sessions can be offered in English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, or Greek.

Proposed dates for the 3 group 2-hour supervisions are Sunday Jan 16, Saturday April 2, and Saturday May 14 (afternoon/evening). However, this plan is only provisional and changes can be discussed according to the group needs.

Collaborating MI/GIM colleagues for this programme: Evangelia Papanikolaou (Greece), Ruth Liesert & Gert Tuinmann (Germany), Carmen Angulo (Spain), Dikla Kerem (Israel).

There is a limited number of available seats for this seminar.

For enquiries and group registrations please contact: info@sonora.grmusictherapysonora@gmail.com